Recent Work


Berkeley artist and educator, Jennie Braman, chooses Airiel Design Studios for a redesign of her artist website.

In 2017, Airiel Design Studios had the pleasure to work with Berkeley artist and educator, Jennie Braman. The design goal was to bring a fresh look to her online presence, to present her uniqueness as an artist while maintaining a simple and clean design that serves as a container for her artwork.


"Working with Airiel on my website was a profoundly transformative experience. It was an opportunity for me to understand my artwork and my sense of being an artist in new and empowering ways. Her sincere interest in my work, gentle yet insightful demeanor, and graphic expertise made it easy to trust her with the larger vision and details of the large website project. I was also impressed by and grateful for her ability to curate my work- helping me choose which pieces, when, and in what sequence the work should be presented. Her sharp curatorial eye strengthened the site so that for me, it feels like a virtual exhibition. I am proud of my work now in a way I hadn't been, and it has helped me feel ready to move to the next level of my professional career."  

— Jennie Braman, MFA, Berkeley CA


San Francisco Bay Area artist, Cindy Cleary, wants her new website to reflect the sensitivity of her work.

Visual Artist, Cindy Cleary, creates from the ephemeral. She works with soil, earth and plant pigments, sea water and other organic materials while revealing the stories within these elements. Cindy's artwork expresses a subtle sensitivity to time, memory and things unseen.  

Our design goal for Cindy's new website was to reflect the subtleties of her art while not distracting from the work itself. 


"What a joy it has been to work with Airiel in creating my website.  Not only is she an artist – or maybe because she is – Airiel completely understood my art and how it should be presented.  Her aesthetic sensibility enabled her to create something uniquely right for me, well beyond what I could have imagined for myself."  

— Cindy Cleary, MFA, Sebastopol, CA